the anyer area

ANYER : The Coastal town with long strecth beach sea side on the Edge of Java, Banten province - Indonesia.

Located 100 kilometers from Jakarta on the far west of Java, the town of Anyer and the surrounding coastline is gaining recognition as a convenient, affordable weekend getaway and vacation destination. With long stretches of white-sand beach lining the warm waters of the Sunda Strait, the region offers a wide selection of mid-range resort hotels and numerous water-sport and land-adventure activities.


During the 19th century, Anyer ( also known as Anjer or Angier ) was a bustling port town. As the western terminus of the Great Post Road, Anyer handled much of the maritime traffic between Java and the world. In 1883, Anyer became the focus of world attention with the devastating volcanic eruption of nearby Krakatau island. After that disaster, Anyer sank into obscurity. A century on, the Anyer region is now reclaiming former glory, this time as a popular beach resort within an easy commute from Jakarta.

Interesting Places

Anyer is a coastal town in West Java and Indonesia and well-known by visitors from Jakarta. There are numerous things to do and best tourist attractions in Anyer, and it is not short of attractions to see. Many peoples going there for beach activities , cultural and historical places, Sundanese seafood culinary, and refreshing respite. It is a popular weekend destination for those who desire to escape the stress of Jakarta.

Anyer Lighthouse

Anyer Lighthouse is a 75-meter maritime navigational aid built in 1885 and dedicated to the thousands of victims of the Krakatau eruption two years previously. During daylight hours visitors can climb the 300 steps of the interior staircase, enjoying increasingly panoramic views of the region through windows on each of the 18 staircase landings. At night, the light beams can reach more than 30 kilometers out to sea.

Karang Bolong

One artifact of the Krakatau eruption is Karang Bolong, literally, "Rock With A Hole". Resembling a natural tunnel leading to the beach, Karang Bolong was formed from lava flung 40 kilometers from erupting Mount Krakatau.

Sambolo Beach

This stretch of white-sand beach is a favored getaway for Jakarta-based expatriate and Indonesian families. The sheltered waters of Sambolo Bay are ideal for watersports activities such as jet-skiing and banana-boat riding.